PCR-Test (48 hour service)

-First you plan in your appointment at the location which is the most convenient to you (Groningen, Zwolle, Velsen-Noord (near Schiphol airport)).


-You can choose between the 48-hour test or the slightly more expensive 24-hour test. But you can also make this choice once you’re at the test center.


-On the scheduled time, you report at the desk of the location which you had chosen.


-Your details required by the Chinese Embassy are noted (for this you need to bring your passport).


-The nasal /oral swabs are performed by our staff.


-You pay for your PCR test in advance by creditcard or bank card.


-You will receive the “COVID-19 PCR certificate” via secure email from us.


You can then use this certificate for your application of the “Health Declaration Form” at the Chinese Embassy



-Should you have any questions afterwards, you can always contact our English and Chinese speaking staff by telephone.