Frequently Asked Questions...

On this page you will find the questions that have been asked most frequently and we hope that the answers help you sufficiently. Should you have other urgent questions, you can always contact our English and Chinese speaking team by going to the "Contact Us" page.


What is the cost of the test?  The cost of the test is 149, = euro (result within 48 hours). We also have a rapid service (result within 24 hours) which costs 189,= euro. If you want to opt for the 24 hour test, you should note this in the description of your bank transfer.
How can I pay for the test? During your reservation you will receive a unique “ID” with your email confirmation. Pay for the test with a bank transfer and note both your name and the unique ID number in the description of your payment.
What is the bank number where I can pay? The payment for your test can be done at ING Bank Account:  NL53 INGB 0007 3733 94 in the name of “Novamedik Bioresearch” in Groningen.
What are the locations where I can be tested? At this moment you can be tested in Groningen, Zwolle and Velsen Noord (near Schiphol airport). We will have a test location at Schiphol airport shortly.
How soon can I have the result of the test and the certificate? Normally the test result is available within 48 hours (you will receive the certificate via secure email), but you can also opt for a 24 hour service which is slightly more expensive (189,= euro).
How will I receive the result and the certificate? The result and the certificate will be sent to you via a secure email, so you can quickly forward this to the Chinese Embassy, together with the other required forms.